Insignia Records proudly announces it's newest tribalglobal CD release, the long-awaited: Talisman, from Leonor Dely & Millero Congo.  

A Successful Tour
Embrace the World 2004
The Best of Colombia, China, Iran, Hungary, Guatemala, and USA in a Spirit of Cultural Unity

"The essential quality of Ms. Sutton's light, pitch-perfect voice is a pure, flutelike sound that can be inflected anynumber of ways...  What is special about her is her lack of exhibitionistic bravado." -NY Times

The Chilean rock group ARKA is formed by Daniel Duhart (vocals, guitar), Miguel Gatica (vocals, drums), Felipe Duhart (vocals, guitar) and Javier Duhart (vocals, bass guitar). Since their beginnings in 1988 they perform their own songs. Visit

. Steven King, USA National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion. Steven's original solo acoustic style features walking bass lines simultaneously executed with melodies, rhythms, and chords.  Steven performs in concert on acoustic guitar, and also leads The Steven King Ensembles.

I'm Istvan Dely, a Hungarian of African descent. To me, all arts - be it music, poetry or visual arts - are but  different avenues of expression and service from Self to Others, from our spirit to the Spirit. They allow us to get a glimpse of the mystery of Creation and the Creator. Visit

Possibly you think of Russ Garcia
solely as a superb jazz arranger. In Hollywood, he is equally acclaimed as a film composer and a symphony man.

Pat Longo & His Latin Jazz Big Band. One of the most versatile big bands in the United States

Dan Seals, famous country singer, along with his son Jesse,
appear in a  full length video for
Baha'i Faith.
More about Dan

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